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The Apparel Made-Ups & Furnishing Sector Skill Council AMH SSC, is an industry driven non-profit organization,set up under the aegis of NSDC ,Apparel export promotion council and the ministry of textiles,govt. of India to develop world class skilled manpower for the Apparel Made-Ups & home furnishing industry.
AMH SSC,along with the guidelines of NSDC has developed the Affiliation protocol for Quality Governance of Vocational Training Providers.The Affiliation Protocol provides a framework for effective management and dilivery competency based Vocational Education & Training aimed at overall development of the students.
Salient Objectives of AMH SSC

  1. Develop National Occupational Standards(NOS) that feature skill competency standards and qualification.
  2. Plan and institutionalize an effective system for training of trainers.
  3. Steer the affiliation processes to enable quality assurance in training at pr with international standards.
  4. Create assessment framework toaward tamper proof certification to trainees.
  5. Promote academies of excellence by nurturing state of vocational training.

Affiliation-Reference to Context
The term affiliations used to define a process of establishing competence of any institution desiring of delivering vocational training from NVEQF/NVQF/NSQF Level 1-10 which is based on NOS created by AMH SSC Constituted by NSDC.

Salient objectives of affiliation

  1. To access Tp institution/Education bodies and their programs that meet defined quality standards.
  2. To foster excellence in TP institutions building effectiveness in delivering NOS or competency based training.
  3. To establish framework for continuous improvement and provide an opportunity to benchmark with other institution in India and abroad.
Process of affiliation.

  1. A TP whether NSDC funded/govt. affiliated or non-funded will apply for affiliation to AMH SSC for a NOS based course pertaining to aspecific job role(Qualification Pack).
  2. There can be multiple affiliation of a TP with AMH SSC.
  3. TP can also take affiliations from multiple SSCs;for courses pertaining to their sector.
  4. AMH SSCwill affiliate the institution of the TP for the NOS basedcourses that the Institution is offering.
  5. In case the delay is happening from AMH SSC side, the concered TP will be informed of the delay stating the reasons and the expected time by which the process will be closed by the AMH SSC.

Requirements for Affiliation:
Institution and Management Profile

  1. Generic guidelines about the kind of the institution which can be affiliated
  2. Organization Details/Profile of the Management Team.
  3. Responsibilities and the Authority of the Operational Teams
Quality Aspects in Institution Governance

  1. Background of the Institution
  2. Organization Structure
  3. Details of other affiliations, if applicable
  4. Financial resources
  5. profile of trainers
Training Operations-Processes

Documented Process for Management of HR Curriculum Courseware and other Documents
Teaching Process Training methodology Continuous Evaluation
Industrial Interface Student Development Admissions
Learning Environment Infrastructure Health & Safety
Performance,Measurement and Improvement

  1. Identification of suitable indicators to monitor and measure performance.
  2. Continual Improvement
  3. Management Review
  4. Documented procedure on Complaint/Feedback Handling.