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Corporate Training & Development Institute

JIYES Learning Institute with the Collaborative real-time multimedia technologies provide an effective and low cost opportunity to deliver corporate training activities that are required for today’s fast-changing technological environment. Hyper-competition and rapidly changing business environments are strong motivations for continuous life-long learning. Company employees need to stay abreast of a rapidly changing technological environment to be competitive. Skills are becoming outdated much quicker and must be replaced continuously. The deployment of Internet and Intranet infrastructures within organizations provides an unprecedented opportunity to enhance on-going training activities by incorporating multiple forms of media and real-time interactivity. We are providing professional corporate training & Development Institute in Chandigarh , Haryana and all over Punjab. Our specialists of web technologies give details each query & concept desirable during the live running corporate project.


Corporate training in chandigarh

There are numerous advantages to adopting collaborative real-time corporate training & Development Training:

  • Dramatically reduces corporate travel-related costs
  • Enhances interaction and retention over traditional video-based training
  • Delivers focused learning content
  • Supports the use of multi-media
  • Provides access to digital libraries of training materials and archived sessions

Corporate Training & Development Institute Chandigarh