1. Biotech Study and Research Centre (BSRC) is the resource centre of the Institute where the research and development work in the domains of Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Molecular biology, Immunology is conducted with hands on practice and training of the students.

 2. Our life long cares (OLLC) is the resource centre that practices for preventive and personal care treatments of pediatrics, cosmetology and chronic disease through diet modification and physiotherapy covering all age groups of infants, teens, youths and old to be happy, beautiful, handsome and disease free.

 3. R&D Centre is the resource centre of the Institute where the research and development for the purpose to develop vocational education programmes with a focus on potential wise jobs specific skills and work integrated training after proper analysis and research of the skill gaps in different domains in catchment area of the centre with contents of the curriculum and their durations through engagement with established stakeholders and appointment of the agencies if necessary and MOUs and strategic partnership with the Institutions and the industries.

 4. Computer Centre of the Institute develops and maintains the websites of the Institute with the links with the websites of its strategic partners and resources where all information with regard to the Institute and the facilities are made online. Also various servers like Proxy, FTP and DNS are maintained for the purpose of various facilities like online webinar, seminar, PPT etc.